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My Approach

Let nothing dim the light that shines from within. ~Maya Angelou

I see therapy as a process of uncovering and remembering the essential self. You were born with a unique self. You came into the world as an individual. You learn and grow throughout your life; you change. But there is also something that you entered life with, something that you alone have to offer. I think that is something exciting to consider.


Challenging life experiences, difficult childhoods, trauma, cultural messages, societal programming, the transmission of intergenerational patterns can all obscure your individuality. If you become disconnected from your inner world, you are no longer in relationship with your most precious 


My approach in therapy is relational. It is interactional. I listen a lot but I also engage with you, reflect things back to you; I offer what I observe and notice. I help you organize your experience and I share what I have learned with you. Collaboratively we work together to peel away layers of beliefs, fears, hurts, emotions, habits, and patterns that contribute to your symptoms and interfere with you being you and having a life and relationships that align with that truth. No matter what brings you into therapy, I see the recognition and valuing of that essential part of you as integral to your healing. Once reconnected to it, that unique part of you begins to guide your healing process, becoming an inner counselor and guide. 


One final thought, part of learning how to lead a happy and fulfilling life is becoming better at tolerating emotions...strong emotions. That can be hard work. It is likely that you have chosen not to feel certain feelings for a reason. However, your emotions and their associated body sensations (i.e., tense shoulders, nervous stomach, tight throat) provide you with valuable information. If you stay defended against feeling, you are essentially robbed of the organic intelligence that is your birthright. Therapy will challenge you but the payoff is invaluable. I hope you will give yourself that gift.

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